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Equine Assisted

Working with a licensed Mental Health Professional and Equine Specialist, partnering with the horse

Looking for a more holistic, experiential approach to therapy that includes the healing power of horses and nature? 


In a world where we have all been isolated and disconnected the last few years, our self, family, friends and community yearn to be seen, heard and connected.


Building healthy, connected relationships is at the core of us all. Horses, who are social beings, rely on the herd for safety and social interactions. Their ability to be congruent by nature, allows us to be honest with ourselves allowing for safe, healthy connections, which we can transfer to our other relationships outside of equine therapy.


Our Mental Health Professionals and Equine Specialists work diligently, putting together a program that fits each individual and or group needs.


Our diverse clientele include but not limited to:

Military, Foster Youth, transitioning out of Foster Care, Women of Abuse, Teen Bullying and the under-served. We also work with persons who suffer from Addictions, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, Oppression and Colonization.



Equine Assisted

Working with a Life Coach and Equine Specialist for personal growth and Learning, Partnering with the Horse(s)

Are you feeling disconnected, lost, unable to set and achieve goals? It's no wonder. The isolation and lack of connection we all have been feeling over the last few years, has put us all out of sorts. Lost connection with self, family, friends and community, has given us an overwhelming desire to re-connect and find true, healthy, functional relationships. 


The need for experiential exploration, outside, in nature, connects us to the rhythm and many teachings of the natural world and all her beings. Horses being one, rely on the herd (community) for their survival and social interactions and play. They are congruent by nature which in turn, allows us to come from a place of honesty and trust, which allows for connection to begin. This connection, built on trust, respect and understanding is then transferred to our daily interactions with others and our relationships.


Our Life Coaches and Equine Specialists work together to help facilitate and mentor individuals and groups for self-discovery, personal growth, learning and team building.


Spiritual Wellness

Equine Assisted

Working with an Intuitive Spiritual Mentor and Equine Specialist, partnering with the horse.

Are you finding it hard to come to a place of balance and harmony in a world that has been so disconnected? Who are we and how do we want to show up? Have we lost our spirit? 


Spiritual Wellness is you that exists when you are free of inhibitions. The you who shows up when your true essence shines, a connectedness to the natural world, living in harmony in the seasons, knowing that peace resides in the betterment of the whole rather than the self. Horses are great teachers for this, being congruent by nature, their survival is dependent on their ability to feel their surroundings which keep them and the herd (community) safe. Safe to connect. Safe to play. Safe to trust.

Our Spiritual Wellness sessions can include but not limited to: Meditation, Sound Healing Circles (Drumming, Sound Bowls), Grounding, Somatic Mindfulness, Yoga, Riding in Rhythm, Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Aromatherapy.

We also offer Community Circles, Day Retreats and Workshops.


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