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Meet the Team


Nancy Hernandez Riggs

Founder and Program Director at Haloranch

Trauma Informed Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Equine Professional, Trained Natural Lifemanship, EAGALA and PATH

Haloranch is a gift, a beautiful blessing that I would like to share with you all. Being a life long equestrian and trauma survivor myself, I have first hand experience of the healing power of horses and their innate ability to hold space, to be authentic and to live in the moment, the exact moment that I am in. Horses have taught me that healthy connections based on trust, understanding and compassion are the foundation of all my relationships. Their teachings have been a catalyst for my own healing. 

My hope is that you too will find your own healing journey, co-creating with others (and horses) in a safe environment outside in nature, connecting to your inner, true authentic self, because healing is the medicine that lives in us All!

 Haloranch Wellness Center was created for you. 

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Dana Kasper

Dana L. Kasper is a Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, and an Infant Family Early Childhood Mental Health practitioner. She has devoted the past decade to counseling children and adults who have experienced sexual abuse which led her to establish Reins of Freedom, a charitable non-profit. Its mission is providing Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy to child and adult survivors of adverse experiences and researching the benefits of patients interacting with horses during counseling. Reins of Freedom believes in the power of helping individuals by working together. In her position as President, and Executive Director of Reins of Freedom Dr. Kasper partnered with Haloranch LLC, a wellness center in Rancho Santa Fe, California. This partnership offers Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy to patients applying a trauma-informed, equity-centered approach to mental health care.Dr. Kasper is a neurobiological attachment development theorist certified in the following: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning organization (EAGALA, 2012), Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (Natural Lifemanship, 2013), Advanced Attachment certification, Neufeld Institute, Observed and Experiential Integration trauma treatment, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Play Therapy, and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Currently, Dr. Kasper is Visiting Professor at Point Loma Nazarene University, educating students in a Master of Art’s Clinical Counseling program in San Diego, CA. When she is not teaching, she is providing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at Haloranch and has a private practice, Kids Counseling of La Jolla in La Jolla, CA. Dr. Kasper is an advocate for early childhood prevention and parental education and support on the salience of attachment and prevention awareness on childhood sexual abuse. She is a writer, researcher and speaker who attributes her capacities to Christ.Dana L. Kasper, Ph.D., LPCC, IFECMH


Hannah Leigh Livers

What if you were able to slow down, experience deep inner peace, reawaken your senses, and embody true healing?

It is my passion and belief that these things are not only possible, but they already live within you. As a trauma informed therapeutic coach, it is my purpose and desire to meet you along your journey and guide you towards finding your inner healing. Anxiety, depression, struggling relationships and so many other symptoms are all deeply rooted nervous system patterns that live within the body. I take my clients on a journey through embodied healing using a variety of modalities. I can tell you that while modalities have purpose and are beneficial the underlying factor that contributes to embodied healing is a felt sense of safety both in your environment and in relationship. It is my highest priority to create safety as I guide you within yourself to discover protective parts of you that were developed out of unmet needs and begin to uncover the nervous system patterns that have been holding you back from experiencing the freedom and joy you are longing for.

Iam a masters level counselor, licensed in the state of Texas. However, what is more beneficial to my clients than degrees and licensure is the continual engagement in my own learning and healing journey. I have engaged both as a client and as practitioner in numerous trauma informed trainings for both therapists and coaches. Most recently, I have been involved in programs and certification processes that have added to my healing and deepened my repertoire of tools to use to inform my healing practice with clients. Getting to the root cause of nervous system patterns continues to result in the most impactful healing for both myself and my clients

Haloranch is the perfect environment for the work I do with clients to facilitate healing. The serene atmosphere, the opportunity to partner with horses and be immersed in other holistic experiences allows nervous system and relationship patterns to be illuminated through behaviors and emotions that occur in the moment.

The focus of services provided at Haloranch will keep you connected to your body, rather than stuck in your mind, actively healing the nervous system and creating space to practice new responses within relationships, including the relationship with yourself   

Tracy Sanna Bio Picture.jpg

Tracy Sanna

Tracy Sanna received her Masters of Science in Clinical Counseling with a focus on spiritually integrated psychotherapy from Loyola University Maryland. She began her career as a therapist at two different acute care facilities, helping teens and adults work through issues including substance abuse, self-harm, depression, anxiety and PTSD. Since then, she has worked as an out-patient private practice therapist in Maryland. In addition to counseling, she finds joy in teaching. Tracy taught middle school and high school for ten years and currently teaches undergraduate Psychology. Tracy moved to San Diego from Baltimore, Maryland in the beginning of 2022 and deeply enjoys exploring the beauty of the west coast.

At a young age, Tracy felt the power of being in the presence of horses. Shortly after becoming a therapist, she sought to understand the connection she experienced with equines. Tracy completed training in equine assisted psychotherapy through EAGALA and Natural Lifemanship. Since then, she has facilitated groups and individuals as they also discover the benefits of the horse and human relationship.

Tracy believes that healing and transformation occur when we explore our felt experience. Emotion within the body holds the wisdom most people have been seeking all along. Modern life, stress, grief, trauma and fear create challenges to being with one's felt experience and being with others. Equine assisted Psychotherapy and learning provide the tools for people to connect with the blueprint for healing and change that is already within them.

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Kristina Sandstrom



Kristina as a young girl grew up surrounded by horses. Having them live in pastures next door, she had a deep connection to their natural rhythms and way of being. This intuitive knowing has given Kristina the ability to connect with horses on a much deeper level then most and it is this ability that makes her an integral part of our therapy team. Kristina is certified with Natural Lifemanship as a trauma informed Horse Professional.

Tanner Phillips 



Upon retiring from the army in 2021 I went on a search for opportunities to pursue my passion for working with horses and incorporating the healing energy they embody. I was introduced to Nancy at Haloranch and immediately felt connected to her passion and vision to create a space of healing and peace. I bring my expertise as an equine professional and hope to help facilitate connection between horses and humans within the safe and calming space at Haloranch. I have worked in some capacity with horses for twenty years. I started working with and training horses when I was 12 years old and I have held various positions at camps for children and retreats as an equine director. Most recently I was a vet tech for the army for 7 years. I look forward to growing and connecting with everyone that chooses Haloranch as a space of healing.

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