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As many of you know, a few years ago we found this beautiful property in San Diego, California. Five miles off the coast, in the rural town of Rancho Santa Fe. Our slice of heaven, a tranquil existence down a small private road with amazing views of the distant mountains. Our hopes were to turn this property into a private ranch where we could offer equine assisted services. With construction and permits, it took us a couple years to complete…. Then Covid hit. Looking back, it turned out to be a welcomed blessing. Our dreams, which started small has evolved into so much more. As I really sat with this land, this land where my ancestors walked before me, the teachings were abundant. Their wisdom, ever present, reminding me to go slow, walk softly, nurture your soul and find your community to thrive. Community? I’ve been a solo gal most of my life. Retreating to nature has always been my medicine. I could probably identify every plant indigenous to Southern California, name every rock, mineral and gem stone created by Mother Earth. (Well, ok, not every), my horses are my companions, my escape, ultimately where I find my freedom. Nature is how I heal.

As I listened more to my ancestors it became abundantly clear that these many teachings that nature had given me, needed to be taught. Being a life long equestrian, and trauma survivor myself, I know first hand how horses have the ability to reach deep into our souls and repair old wounds which allows for us to heal not only emotionally and physically but spiritually as well.

I am an educator by trade, Life Couch and have a back ground in psychology. I have been certified in NARHA (PATH), EAGALA, and currently I am rolled in Natural Lifemanship. I have worked with At-Risk youth, persons with addictions, and women in trauma. However, my true passion is empowering women to find their full potential.

So what started out as a small dream before the pandemic has evolved into so much more. Not only will we be offering Equine Assisted Coaching, Learning and Spirituality, but we will be hosting community workshops and day retreats. Our hope is that our grand opening will be sometime in April provided all pandemic mandates have been lifted.

Let’s come together as a community and become empowered so that we may empower others.

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