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It’s Not Magic?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Back in the early going of EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy), we were all trying to label it. Trying to give it a name and articulate it’s success so we could prove its

validity so it could be monetized. We wanted people doing this work to be paid for their many hours in school, countless hours in internship and the added expenses of keeping a horse.

As we evolve through this field and as a society, we are beginning to see a shift in our approach to healing and wellness. An autonomy of sorts, holistically grounded and a softer way of being, with an innate search for meaningful relationships with all that the natural world has to offer.

We are beginning to see this come to the forefront of our own health and wellness needs. And with this evolution has opened up the field to many other modalities partnering with horses such as Coaching, Teaching and Spirituality.

Sovereignty in our wellness gives us the power to choose holistic options outside our society box. When these modalities are ethically sound and work in the facilitators scope of practice, you may find in fact that there is “magic” partnering with a horse. An unexplainable, intuitive knowing. A stirring so deep in your soul, that your heart expands and the whole you; mind, body and spirit become one in that moment. When two beings meet, and the connection begins…. I realize magic may not pay our bills, but the honest, wholesome connections we find with horses, gives us hope and inspires us to transfer and emulate this connection to all our relationships, both human and nature.

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