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Why Horses

Just the pure beauty and size of these majestic creatures still takes my breath away.

We have honored the horse for centuries and from all cultures. Horses have evolved from

Mystical creatures, fairy tales, to pulling carts and plows. This evolution of the equine has warmed their way into our hearts, affecting us both emotionally and physically.

Horses are emotionally intelligent

Horses have the ability to feel an emotion, process it, and make a decision based on that emotion,

either fight, flight or freeze. The response happens in a matter of seconds. Horses do not hold onto emotions. Once the feeling is gone, the horse will return to their sentient way of being, by grazing, sleeping or playing.

Horses are Congruent

Horses don't lie. What you see and feel from them is who they are.

Horses are connected to Nature

The survival of the horse is dependent on their ability to read the energy of their environment. Being a pray animal, horses, can sense danger way before they can see it. The horse's brain being much smaller than their heart, allows the horse to be more heart centered, therefore allowing them to be present and aware.

Horses are social beings

Not only do horses need the herd for safety, but horses also need the herd to thrive. Their social interactions allow for grooming, building strength and establishing community amongst the herd.

So, why horses? Horses have the ability to open their hearts and teach us in ways that no other being can. When I look at these horse's attributes, I wonder what kind of change we truly could make in this world. If we all got out in nature, picked our heads up from the computer. Got involved with our communities and lived a more heart centered life connected to nature.

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