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Life is a dance of permission

Lila is a rescue. She's had a past. She's pregnant and almost due.

Empathically connecting with this mother

to be and the past that resides in her tissues, I sense through her my own yearnings to feel safe and to

connect. Trauma frozen in time, thaws with gentleness.

A tender touch that begins at a distance. The ebb and flow of connect and disconnect, sensing and drawing

in, the bundling of nerves. Will I be accepted?

You can see it from her eyes if what I give is what she's wanting to receive. A softening of wrinkles, a heaviness of head. Connection is a formation of trust. Respecting a no. Leaning into a yes.

Non-attachment to when a

touch is received. Gratitude held in the hearts of our beings. Time and commitment build trust.

Feeding and nurturing the bond. What is right for both is good for both.

I enjoy learning this dance.


written by and re-post permission @joyful_sovereignty

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